Qatar is an extremely secure country. There are multiple guards in every public venue and security at most complexes. The penalties for crime are harsh here, and they serve as an effective deterrence. Multiple places would give the dreamy views and facilities and are considered the best places to live in Qatar. Al Rayyan could be an excellent choice if you want some peace without getting too far away from the crowd.


When deciding where to reside in Qatar, you won’t go far wrong. In truth, crime and violent crime are low, and the country has a substantial police presence. Women, in particular, should avoid going out late at night alone, especially in the souqs. Furthermore, keep in mind that this is an Islamic country. Thus a proper dress code is required. Qatar’s best places to live are Al Rayyan, ume saad, Doha, etc.

Specialties of the best places to live in Qatar


About 10 kilometers outside of Doha, this area was previously home to roaming farmers. The city now serves as a peaceful neighborhood of Qatar’s capital. Several prestigious international universities in Qatar, including Georgetown and Carnegie Mellon, have Al Rayyan’s Education City campuses. The Al Wajbah Fort and an athletic organization that sponsors the National Arabian Horse Show are located in the city.

Umm said

On Qatar’s east coast peninsula, Umm Said is only 45 kilometers from Doha. This city is the hub of the country’s manufacturing. It boasts refineries and complexes that produce everything from steel to petrochemicals to fertilizers, and it specializes in oil and commercial exports. Surprisingly, this industrial town is also home to some fantastic beaches.


The capital Doha is undoubtedly one of Qatar’s most visited cities. Everything from architecturally stunning buildings and palm-fringed beaches to lavish shops and the Gulf Sea’s azure waters may be found here. In addition, the city is home to some of the top museums, restaurants, and events in the country. The spectacular views would be the icing on your cake.

Some other best places to live in Qatar for ex-pats

  • The Pearl, Qatar
  • Lusail
  • Al Sadd
  • West Bay
  • Abu Hamour
  • Al Thumama
  • Oryx Island
  • Al Waab

The pearl

The Island has a wide range of luxury apartments, villas, penthouses, townhouses, a wide range of leisure and entertainment facilities, an award-winning marina, gorgeous, tranquil beaches, and a variety of world-class restaurants and shopping shops. This district’s foreign community is given all the services and facilities necessary to make their living experience extraordinary. There are a lot of gyms available in all areas for those who enjoy staying in shape.

West Bay

West Bay is the place to be if you want to live a spectacular family life! Its modern buildings, including some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, surround Doha’s east coast neighborhoods. However, the availability of education is what draws families to this location. There are numerous nurseries, kindergartens, and schools for older children for younger children.


Al Waab is another fantastic family destination. Al Waab is a slightly more budget-friendly option than West Bay, with about the same facilities. This city is located a short distance from central Doha and has a peaceful setting. Aspire Park closes out this site as a great family destination and includes Park. The Park serves as a sports and recreation center.


Al Sadd is a prominent area that is both old and new. It is reported to be in the heart of Doha and close to several other major cities. Al Sadd is known for shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, and medical facilities. The fact that, unlike houses in The Pearl, this location offers fairly priced accommodation.

Abu Hamour

Abu Hamour, like Al Waab, is a favorite destination for families. It offers the best of both worlds, with more budget-friendly accommodations and high-end villas. There are also numerous educational facilities for children to pick from.


The Lusail Iconic Stadium, which seats over 80,000 people, will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final. Because the city will be located north of Doha on the eastern coast, a historic focal point for pearling ships, the stadium’s design was inspired by the sail of a traditional container ship. Lusail is a city in Qatar, located on the coast in the district of Al Daayen’s southern portion. Lusail lies roughly 23 kilometers north of Doha’s city center, just north of the West Bay Lagoon.


The district of Al-Thumama is located in Doha, Qatar. It’s one of five locations for a government-sponsored reservoir development project in the country. The reservoirs are expected to be the world’s largest in their category once completed. The renowned Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB), one of Qatar’s oldest architectural and engineering organizations, was responsible for the stadium’s concept and schematic design.

Oryx island

The more than two million square meter Oryx Island, which was built to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, will provide temporary housing during the tournament in Qatar. Five floating hotels, an open-air theater pavilion, a business center, leisure zones, and 12

Is there any dress restriction in Qatar?

Because Qatar is a Muslim country, certain clothing items are prohibited. It is preferable to dress more modestly in general. Everyone is expected to dress conservatively in some locations, particularly in older parts of towns. In terms of dress code, more modern or Western-styled communities are much more liberal. Swimwear is only permitted at pools and beaches.


Qatar is a popular destination for ex-pats for a variety of reasons. There are multiple best places to live in Qatar. Its low crime rate is the key reason for its popularity. Another advantage of living in this country is that it is not prohibitively expensive. It is owing, among other things, that Qatar does not include a levy income tax on its citizens. Qatar is a lovely, vibrant country with glitzy beaches that many people would gladly call home!