The huge and luxurious variety of compounds in Al’waab gives the breadth of taking views, and the vision is all worth the time and money. In truth, many ex-pats, particularly families, choose compound living in Qatar and other Middle Eastern nations. The term “compound” refers to a region containing many villas (houses) and apartments built close together and are all owned by the same firm.


A compound villa is a collection of buildings that include a combination of apartments and villas inside a complex surrounded by a wall and requires permission to enter, which is usually guarded by security staff. You’ll get your parking spot(s) and access all services within the area, such as a gym and a pool. The compounds in Al’waab need a brief description for the sake of justice.

Pros and cons of living in compounds in Al’waab

In a good way, life in the compound reminds us of country life rather than city life. You get to know your neighbors and feel a sense of belonging. The social benefits serve as one of the reasons to choose to live in a compound. The property serves as a social support system for the entire family.

Close social bonding

This close-knit group component can be important when you arrive in a new nation far distant from your friends and family. For many people, especially stay-at-home mothers with young children, having a support network on your doorstep to offer advice, lend a helping hand, or be a shoulder to cry on is a lifeline.

Clash of cultures

Sooner or later, you’ll find that it can result in a cultural clash. Some families, for example, allow their children to stay out until late at night, which may be incompatible with families from cultures where children have early bedtimes. Roses that come with thorns perfectly explain this concept of socializing and clashes in cultures. Best compounds in Al’waab

Beverly Hills Gardens

Elegant Beautiful four-bedroom villas with 5 to 6 bathrooms are available in Doha’s core. The villas have lovely bedrooms with high-end finishes, a modern kitchen, and a large living and dining space with a maid’s room.

The villas offer a lovely balcony and other amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, and property management and security available 24 hours a day. Every Al Waab area villa comes with central air conditioning and a parking area. The position provides easy access to all regions of the city and the convenience of multiple shopping options.

Les Roses

This magnificent building is ideally positioned on Al Waab Street, close to Villagio mall, schools, and important city attractions. Les Roses 1 consists of 108 residences, each measuring 316 square meters. Its design is set in a green environment, and its recreational amenities offer a variety of leisure possibilities.

A large and well-equipped clubhouse caters to the demands of a wide range of users. Our campus has a squash and tennis court and a fully equipped gymnasium for those who enjoy physical activity. In addition to an outdoor children’s playground, fitness sessions are available. Our clubhouse offers a wide range of family-friendly activities: A large swimming pool for adults and children, a Jacuzzi, and separate male and female steam and sauna rooms.

Y Village

Y village is one of the greatest compounds in Al Waab, and it is located in a family-friendly region. This compound provides tenants with access to many community services and huge, spacious houses with private gardens. The villas have two stories, with the living room and dining room on the ground level and bedrooms on the upper level.

Large sunny rooms with architectural details offer the living areas flair on the property’s inside. There are multiple cabinets and a separate dry pantry in the kitchen. The compound includes a playground for children, a clubhouse, a gymnasium, tennis courts, a game room, a swimming pool, a landscaped garden, 24-hour security and maintenance, and more.

Al Waab City

Al Waab City provides high-quality and genuinely meaningful offerings for residents, guests, and visitors at every touchpoint. Al Waab City is a low-rise, low-density development with a true feeling of place in Doha, surrounded by important arterial roads, adjacent to the proposed metro, and next to some of Doha’s top schools.

Al Waab City is a fusion of neighborhoods with the neighboring community to house 8000 people in over 2000 residences ranging from opulent villas to modern apartments. Over 100,000 square meters of retail space and 200,000 square meters of office space are included in the development, spread out over 1.25 million square meters and supported by thoughtful infrastructure and 10,700 off-road parking spots.

Al Fardan Gardens

Alfardan Gardens, located in Qatar’s capital, is made up of 150 exquisite family residences set amidst a lush green sanctuary, open patios, and play places for children. The architecture tones the finest of both accents to dramatic effect, fusing Arabian designs with a Mediterranean-inspired touch.

The living areas have a roomy layout, elegant décor, and top-of-the-line furnishings and amenities inside the residences. Alfardan Gardens is more than just a single residence; it’s a holiday resort with amenities including a stunning swimming pool, fully equipped gym, squash and tennis courts, and a recreational clubhouse, all inside the comfort and quiet of their courtyard.

Al Mirqab Compound 2 – Al Waab

The compound of Al Mirqab is located in the center of Qatar. Its lovely and opulent houses feature spacious bedrooms with high-end finishes, a modern kitchen, and a large dining and living room area.

Beautiful balconies and amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, and 24-hour property management and security make this a great location for those who value safety. Its fantastic location provides easy access to the city and is convenient due to the abundance of shopping amenities.

Beverly Hills Garden

For a good reason, Beverly Hills Garden compounds are among the most delightful family compounds in the country. They are made up of beautifully constructed villas ideal for relaxing and serene family life. The apartments are big and provide the ideal setting for a relaxing and healthy lifestyle. Swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, clubhouses, and more are just a few of the fantastic amenities available. Furthermore, these developments include supermarkets, dry cleaning and laundry businesses, vehicle wash services, mosques, and much more!

Life in a different way in the compounds in Al’waab

It would be best to accept the idea that things are different in Doha before arriving.

In Doha, you can’t just walk out your front door and into your local park or high street—the city’s design and road layout, along with the heat, make this almost impossible. You can’t catch a bus to your nearby mall or park because public transportation is almost non-existent, leaving you with little choice but to drive.

Wherever you go in the world and wherever you choose to live, being away from home always includes a trade-off. Yes, living in a Doha compound means sacrificing access to the real world’ on your doorstep, and yes, you will miss being within walking distance of a public park or stores. However, you will have access to a swimming pool and many individuals who will lend you an ear, a helpful hand, or even a cup of sugar when you need it.


Great experiences come with bigger tasks. Moving your place to experience new things would be difficult but would be worth your time. Living in the compounds in Al’waab would be full of socializing and much more speculations. The multiple compounds and their luxurious facilities are breadths taking and give you the exposure you never had before.