Qatar is a reasonably priced area to live in, with the government charging low rates for a variety of services such as power, water, and home phone lines. Qatar has very few taxes. The import tax is the only tax imposed, and it is also pretty reasonable.

Qatar can be a very inviting country for immigrants, thanks to its high standard of living, great healthcare, and outstanding educational opportunities. The cost of living in Qatar varied considerably based on your lifestyle and family.

If you are a single person and if you are a family of four then the cost would vary. There are no taxes, decent safety, and healthcare for immigrants who live there. Because there is no income tax, your net income will be significantly higher than in most other nations, making it an excellent spot to hunt for a job.

Cost of living in Qatar for a bachelor

Without rent, a single person’s expected monthly costs are 890$ (3,242QR). Doha costs 37.60 % less than New York (without rent). Families need more places to live, which enhances the cost accordingly. When you are working as a single person, you can easily adjust your budget as you do not have a family to take care of.

Growing single-handedly in a new place is not an easy task but it makes you learn a lot. You get to enjoy the independence and you don’t have to worry a lot as the people with families do. Apart from the number of members, Qatar offers multiple opportunities.

Cost of living in Qatar for family

Qatar is a good place if you are planning to move with your family. Of course, the pros and cons go along but the best advantage of having a family there is that Qatar provides lots of activities for kids and their parents. Also, new apartments and buildings are made on daily basis with modern amenities such as swimming pools which makes them highly attractive.

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. Almost 88% of the population are expatriates of different nationalities. Transportation is quite good and recently Doha Metro initiative has taken which has further eased the problem of moving from one place to another if one doesn’t have own private car.

Doha v/s Dubai

If you’re considering relocating to a new city and are debating between Dubai and Doha, there are a few factors to consider. The city you choose to live in should match your lifestyle better. Furthermore, it should be a city that you can afford. When we look at the cost of living in Qatar and Dubai, the shared aims between these locations start to fade.

The cost of services such as heating, water, electricity, and internet varies significantly between the two cities. Basic utilities in Dubai are roughly 65 percent more expensive than in Doha. Transportation in Doha is often less expensive due to decreased fuel prices.

Why one should prefer Qatar for a living?

This is because there are many job openings in the country, and anyone looking for work has a decent chance of finding work. The economy is rapidly expanding. Qatar is the world’s richest country, according to data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from October 2017.

Qatar, like most Gulf countries, is recognized for giving high compensation packages, tax-free salaries, and a nice lifestyle to ex-pats. Qatar’s overall GDP is around $124,930 per person, according to the IMF. Naturally, living and working in Doha will expose you to the city’s burgeoning economy. Furthermore, as previously stated, getting work in Doha is simple because the capital offers many chances.

What opportunities does Qatar offer for expatriates?

Qatar is designated as one of the safest countries. It provides opportunities not only to male ex-pats but the females as well. They got to enhance multiple standards of living including:

  • Increasing earnings
  • The active social life
  •  Getting settled in quickly
  • Advancing their careers
  • A higher standard of living
  • Ability to save more money

Qatar- The first Arab country to host FIFA World Cup 2022

Qatar has made history by becoming the first Arab country to win the bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. For soccer fans, this may be enough of a motivation to relocate to Doha, as preparations are now ongoing to construct three new stadiums for the tournament.

Not only does the event benefit the construction business, but it also benefits other industries such as real estate, hospitality, and tourism in terms of employment generation. With so much going on, it’s safe to conclude that moving to Doha for work will be a fantastic career move for you.


Does the cost of living in Qatar worth the relocation?

Roses have thorns along. There is nothing in the world that has benefits and no harm or has harmful effects and no benefits. The world is a mixture of both. If one plans to relocate to Qatar destination then definitely the pros and cons would come along.

Let’s talk about the pros firstly

  • It’s easy to enhance the social circle there as the population is small and Doha has managed to arrange so many fun activities for parents and kids which allows them to mutually connect.
  • The winter season is comparatively long-termed and moderate which allows having a lot of outdoor activities.
  • One of the safest countries known. People can feel secure over their safety as the crime rate is comparably low.
  • Fuel is comparatively cheaper in Qatar which makes car driving affordable.
  • Education-the most important department- has the rich quality in Doha. It’s worth investing in your education there as the quality is properly assured.
  • The health care system is quite impressive and that attracts because people need to be assured about their health.
  • Cons are not apart; let’s have a look at them too:
  • Although the quality of education is good, there are limited schools and the cost of tuition is high.
  • The extreme summer weather especially from June to august becomes a hurdle in the way of most people who love to hang out.
  • Rents are to be paid in a lump sum, annually or quarterly, which is a terrifying expense.


Choices vary as the people who opt for them belong to different mindsets. Choosing to relocate to Doha is one’s personal decision but if you want to talk about the budget then the cost of living in Qatar is comparatively lower. Qatar’s economy is growing at a fast rate and is ranked as one of the richest countries in the world. Known as the safest one too.